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Country Kozan
Province Kozan Province
Population 3 million (CSA)

Kozankyo (鉱山京 Kōzankyō?) is the capital city of Kozan Province in Kozan. With a population of 1 million in its urban area and 3 million for its metro area, it is the largest city in Kozan. Kozankyo was originally founded as the seat of the Kozanese monarchy, before they moved to their present location in Horudika Canal in 1867 following the Meiji Restoration.

Kozankyo is considered Kozan's "Flagship City" as it is home to the country's major tourist destinations, such as Ahoge Peninsula.


Kozankyo is taken from the Japanese words kouzan, meaning "mine", and the suffix kyou, meaning "capital". When translated, it means "mining capital."


Kozankyo is located in the northeastern corridor of Kozan Province near Gatashima Province. It is mostly situated on flat grassy terrain.


  • Kojokawa (south and west)
  • Koseimi (west of Kojokawa)


Edo Period[]

Although Kozankyo existed prior to its formal establishment as a city in 1795, it served as the capital of the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan during the time and was the seat for the Kozanese Monarchy, even before Kozan became a constitutional monarchy.

Meiji Period[]

Following the Kozanese Reunification, the monarchy of Kozan was moved to Horudika Canal, while the Prime Minister remained in Kozankyo.

Heisei Period[]

In 1995, to commemorate the bicentennial celebration of Kozankyo's establishment as an incorporated city, the Bicentennial Tower was built.

In 2004, Kozanese Royal Defense Force recruits Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai were drafted on a mission to locate and destroy a stronghold that was found within Kozankyo. With the help of Crown Princess Konata, they successfully infiltrated and destroyed the stronghold.

Law enforcement[]

Main article: Kozankyo Police Department

The police that moderate Kozankyo is the Kozankyo Police Department.

Real-world influence[]

See: Kozan in relation to the real world

Kozankyo is based on Erie, Pennsylvania, where Drillimation Systems is based in. Many businesses and geographic locations are also based on their real-life counterparts, with Ahoge Peninsula being based on Presque Isle and Kozankyo University being based on the real-world Mercyhurst University.