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Kinmyou ((きん)(みょう) Kinmyō?) is the capital of Pohatoshin province. It is seated within the Sanzu river system, located in the northwestern part of the province. The city is said to be the cultural capital of Eastern Kozan, and holds the nickname The Ancient Capital of Gensokyo (幻想(げんそう)(きょう)()(だい)(しゅ)() Gensōkyō no Kodai no Shuto?).

Kinmyou is best known for being Kozan's largest manufacturer of gold products, and is home to a large youkai-born population outside Western Kozan, mostly situated in the Risuoka ward within the city.


Kinmyou is comprised of two kanji in its name. The first character, "kin" ((きん)?), means "gold", while "myou" ((みょう)?), is an alternative meaning for "name". Furthermore, when translated directly, it would literally mean "name of the gold," primarily for the amount of gold products that the city produces.


Edo Period[]

Kinmyou was established as a settlement by Lady Sanae of the Eastern Kozanese imperial court in 1758. Lady Sanae would die six years later in 1864, and her descendants ruled over every aspect of the city. It gained ward status in 1794 and later became the site for Eastern Kozan declaring independence from Sweden as a constitutional monarchy in 1809. Many Swedish people who settled in Eastern Kozan flocked to Kinmyou in the 1830s, and around the same time youkai-borns who sought freedom from the Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan also began settling in Kinmyou.

1845 riots[]

Many youkai-borns within Kinmyou rebelled against law enforcement over increased penalties for law violations, as the relationship between humanoids and youkai-borns in Kozan were particularly tense before the Meiji Restoration. In 1845, riots ignited by youkai-borns took down more than 1,000 structures.

Meiji Period[]

Kinmyou's economy boosted thanks to an increased demand in gold products. By 1901, more than half a million people settled in Kinmyou, making it the eighth most popular city in Kozan.

Taisho Period[]

The demand for gold increased even more during World War I, and following the war, European and North American immigrants settled in Kinmyou.

Showa Period[]

Kinmyou suffered floods in 1936. During the latter part of the 20th century, the economic base was shifted to education and tourism.


Kinmyou is located in the northwestern part of Pohatoshin province. It is known for its hilly terrain as it lies near the Youkai Mountain range and downtown Kinmyou lies on the Sanzu River system.


  • Risuoka (located east of downtown Kinmyou)

Real-world influence[]

See: Kozan in relation to the real world

Kinmyou is based on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the Risuoka ward being based on the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in the area.

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